Curriculum Statement

Curriculum at New Leaf Centre

The curriculum at New Leaf Centre is one of recovery. All of our pupil have been permanently excluded and many have attended several different schools. New Leaf is part of their journey onwards to a permanent provision and we aim to support pupils and their families in identifying any significant gaps and what their child needs in order to be successful.  

We acknowledge that our pupils have varying and different paths to permanent exclusion and as a result, arrive at New Leaf with a wide range of abilities and gaps in their knowledge.

Our curriculum intent is clearly to identify the strengths, needs and difficulties of any individual pupil. We support pupils to access core subjects and gain a greater understanding of the world around them through the study of themes and topics. This then affords access to the broader curriculum and linked enrichment opportunities.

Our aim for each of our pupils is that they transition to the next stage of their education or training with as much potential to achieve their best outcomes

We offer a range of curriculum opportunities. Key to our teaching is the focus on individual pupil progress academically, socially and emotionally. We aim to inspire and provide each pupil with the opportunity to succeed. We understand that in the majority of cases pupils who attend The New Leaf Centre have struggled to access a mainstream curriculum for various different reasons; therefore we work hard to ensure an inclusive, engaging and balanced curriculum that creates opportunities for all pupils.

Curriculum Entitlement and Choice

The curriculum at New Leaf offers a balanced, personalised and challenging educational experience, which builds on pupils’ experiences in each phase of their education. It aims to provide all pupils with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes which are necessary for them to become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve the best they are capable of.

At all key stages, the curriculum focuses on literacy and numeracy as the basis for accessing all other subjects that are on offer.  As a short stay school we have carefully selected a curriculum diet that encourages creativity, innovation and independent thinking at all levels.  Our curriculum offer appeals to a range of teaching methods and learning styles, allowing pupils to expand their learning experiences and promote progress and achievement.  Our curriculum offer is as follows:

Key Stage 1: Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, PSHE, Art and Design, Topic, Learning through Play and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).

Key Stage 2: Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, PSHE, Art and Design, IT, Cooking and SEAL. Humanities and Science are taught through thematic topic based learning. At the end of Key Stage 2 pupils will sit the Standardised Assessment Tests (SATs) in readiness for their transition to secondary school.

Key Stage 3: English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, Food Technology, Physical Education. ICT is used throughout the school day and ecorporated into most lessons. All of these subjects are taught to all pupils who attend school.

Key Stage 4: All Key Stage 4 pupils attend Alternative Provision at a variety of providers where they are able to access a wide variety of academic and vocational courses that reflects their academic abilities and interests. Pupils have the opportunity to complete Functional Skills or GCSEs in English and Maths dependant on their level of ability. In addition to their academic progress, pupils are supported in their personal development through a range of PSHE and Careers opportunities.

For any more information regarding the school curriculum please contact Miss Daubney on 01922 716900.